send EMS 

  On this page you can send EMS messages to most mobile phones. Send a message to your mobile or send one to a friend.

  Sending EMS messages costs you nothing but to access the message your operator may charge you for WAP access, this is usually a very small charge.

  EMS messages can be sent to phones with WAP access ( most modern phones have WAP access ) and a lo-fi version can also be sent to older non-colour Nokia phones.

  Select the phone type from the drop down, if you are unsure which phone to select, the "Colour phone" option will usually work the best.
What type of phone are you sending the EMS to?
Select the phone from the drop down menu, the colour phone option is usually the best.

Who's the message from ?
Your name which will be included in the message if you leave this field blank your name will be replaced with "endfile".

Country (code)
Select the country your mobile phone is from:

Phone number
Please type in your full phone with the leading 0, no international code or +'s are needed so phone numbers would be formatted like this: 07984457998.

Choose EMS/SMS artwork:
Which ems message would you like to send, there are 4 different images that will be sent to the mobile number.

Your Email:
You will receive an email to say when that your EMS message was received by the recipient (not available for Nokia version).